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Portrait Of A Young Boy, Half Length
( George Romney, 1734-1802)

This is incredibly wonderful late 18th early 19th century English oil on canvas painting. It is guaranteed to be by George Romney, 1734-1802. The title of this painting is “Portrait Of A Young Boy, Half Length”. The sitter is young Lord Charles Moore. He is looking to his side, holding a book in his hand. Lord Charles Moore is wonderfully painted, with every feature of his face detailed conveying the mood through his expression. His clothes are also very detailed, every button and fold can be seen. He is sitting next to the window behind which we can see some trees and a beautiful sky. The painting is of a very high quality and has been skillfully relined. There is a tag in front that says ”George Romney 1734-1802. It is beautifully framed in a hand carved frame of the same period as the painting. The condition of the frame is amazing considering that it is so old. The size of this painting is 30 by 25 inches (76.2 by 63.5c.m.). The size of the frame is 38 3/16 by 33 inches (97 by 83.8c.m.).



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