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“Figures In an Arcadian Landscape”
(Cornelis Van Poelenburgh, 1595-1667)

This is an amazing oil on panel painting by Cornelis Van Poelenburgh, 1595-1667. It is titled “Figures In an Arcadian Landscape”. The artist is wonderful in his depiction of a landscape reaching far into the background, while depicting a nude couple in the foreground. The artist is also wonderful in his use of color contrasting a lighter background with a darker foreground. The painting is very skillfully, beautifully drawn and detailed. There is a provenance of this painting- Sale in Sotheby’s London on November 12, 1969 and May 30, 1973; Mr. Herner wengraf; Richard L. Reigen and Co., New York, tag attached on the back of the painting; Estate of Frances W. Ingalls. This work is in good condition and is nicely framed. The size of this marvelous work is 8 by 9 ¼ inches (20.3 by 23.5 cm.).



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