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The Penitent Magdalen
(Gortzius Geldorp, 1553-1618)

You are looking at an incredibly beautiful 16th century Italian oil on canvas painting of “The Penitent Magdalen”. This work is painted by someone in the circle of Gortzius Geldorp, 1553-1618. This incredible painting depicts Magdalen reaching to God. Her inquiring look is directed above. The artist is brilliant in his use of color. Magdalen is portrayed brighter than the background. Her clothes are not distinctly painted so that we focus our attention on her face that is very detailed, catching her emotions and feelings. This work is of a very high quality and has no visible damage. This painting is framed in an original to the painting hand carved wooden frame that suits it perfectly. This exquisite frame is very beautifully ornamented. There is a square ornament at four corners. The bottom of the frame is decorated with an ornament in a shape of leaves. The sides with a spiral ornament and the top with two horns. It is amazing that this frame can stay in such condition after such a long time. The size of this marvelous painting is 25 ½ by 21 ¾ inches (64.8 by 55.3c.m.). The size of the frame is approximately 31 ½ by 26 ½ inches (80 by 67.3c.m.).



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