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A bronze figure of a Renaissance Page Boy inscribed E. Keyser

A bronze figure of a Renaissance Page Boy inscribed E. Keyser and FONDERIA NELLI ROMA 1896. The front also has an inscription that reads, “Presented to/ Payson Tucker/ By Employees of Maine Central Railroad/ A Testimonial Of Affection And Esteem/ December, 1896.” The employees to be given to Payson Tucker, the vice-president and general manager of the Maine Central Railroad, purchased the statue directly from the foundry. It is a copper brown patina. The height of this statue is 4 feet 4 inches. Ephraim Keyser was born in Baltimore in 1850. He studied in Germany, where he was the pupil of Widmann at the Acadamy of Munich and of Albert Wolff at the Academy of Berlin. He worked in Munich from 1872-1876. He exhibited his figure of Psyche in Berlin in 1876 and received the Michael Beerche prize. After a year sojourn in Rome, Keyser returned to his native Baltimore, where he became a professor at the Maryland Institute of Art. He executed numerous commemorative monuments and memorials in America as well as portrait busts of his contemporaries, including Sidney Lanier and John Hopkins.



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