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This is an exquisite 18th century Italian tempera on vellum painting by Ridolfo Manzoni. It is titled “The Convalescent”. We believe the painting was painted circa 1730. The painting is very skillfully made, is very detailed and beautiful. The artist is able to capture the mood of the scene, and is great in his use of color; contrasting darker background with beautifully colored and bright center of the painting. There is an old label on the back that says “The Sick Visit. Painted by Rudolph Manzoni, Castelfranco, Italy. Born A.D. 1675. Died 1743.” and signature of the ex-collector “J.L. Rawlson”. There is also writing on the back of the board half of which is under the strip that we are unable to see. Similar painting by the same artist was sold by Sotheby's in 1993 for over $30,000 which was almost 11 by 15 inches, much smaller than the one offered to you right now. The whole vellum is pasted on few pieces of wood as you can see on pictures. The painting has a vertical crack and it is being held by a strip of wood that is pasted on the back of the painting. After restoration of this painting it could be worth $50 – 70,000 dollars. The size of the painting is about 18 14/16 by 15 6/16 inches. The size of the frame is about 24 ¾ by 21 inches.



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