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Hand painted 19th century Vienna set. It consists of 8 desert plates, 8 cups and saucers, 2 large serving dishes, 2 teapots, one sugar holder, and one waste bowl. Each item of the set is signed in front “Barschneider”, is signed on the back, is stamped and numbered. The set is in perfect condition. The size of the saucer is 5 3/16 and the height of the cup is 2 ˝ inches. The two teapots measure 8 ˝ and 7 ˝ inches. The diameter of the waste bowl is 6 ˝ inches. The height of the sugar holder is 5 inches. The size of the serving plates is 10 1/8 by 11 6/16, and the diameter of desert plates is 8 inches



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